A series of Counter Strike 1.6 MODs

Welcome to the official S.C.T.F. website!

Special Combat Task Force - S.C.T.F. it's a series of mods developed by RockettSally (former Gamebit257) that is been on the scenery since 2013. Currently, it has 3 released installments with the most know Professional Contracts going to hit it's third edition by the end of 2017. Also other versions and spin-offs are currently being developed and you can explore them all on this website. While the assets of the mods are from other authors, the mod itself - alonside all the material content, including this website - was developed only by RockettSally and we thank you for supporting the game by acessing it!

Feel free to acess the three modules of this website, just hover the mouse on the images:
  • About: Here I talk about the history behind S.C.T.F.
  • Download: Here you can download the latest OFFICIAL releases
  • Updates: Here's the place to talk about updates and future releases
Last but not least, HAVE FUN!