Special Combat Task Force

A series of Counter-Strike 1.6 Mods created around 2013.


Back in 2013, a simple guy with the name of Gamebit257 started exploring Counter-Strike 1.6 Mods with model swapping and plugin mashing, experimenting how the game would work with or without certain plugins. This "frankenstein" experiment gave born to S.C.T.F 215 - a experimental mod based on MasterEmile's Counter Strike Warzone - CS 1.6 mod.

S.C.T.F 215 Header
215 Gameplay (1)
215 Gameplay (2)

This mod, released in 2013, later served as a lab for all kinds of experimentation - especially modelling and rigging. Also the UI and the Sound environments were completely revamped and constantly updated to make it look and sound as best as possible and, eventually, sound less CS 1.6 and more S.C.T.F.

215 Gameplay (3)
215 Gameplay (4)
215 Gameplay (5)

The gameplay was designed around the Call Of Duty model:

  • Fast time-to-kill
  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Sprinting and Quick Knife-Stabbing and Grenade Throw
  • Use of Killstreaks
Alongside the traditional Counter-Strike rules:
  • Economics - Weapon and Equipment Buy
  • Maps
  • Overall Physics and Weapon behaviors (except Damage)
  • Lack of iron-sights, use of the pure crosshair
Here's an example:

Support for 215 came to an end on February, 2014 - moment where all testing, experimenting, learning came to a use - a new mod started to be designed. The FIRST official mod for S.C.T.F .

Because isn't officially on the MOD timeline, often considered a prequel, the DOWNLOAD for this mod and it's patches will be on the video BELOW

Professional Contracts - Where it all started

Despite having a year of development, 215 wasn't the real thing mostly because the original base (CSW) stood there, being 215 just a "reskin" of the same. The real idea of a mod made from scratch came with manipulations of Nexon's Counter-Strike Online weapon models and the idea of re-creating Counter-Strike 1.6 with enhacements.

As the mod progressed, new features were added/tested/included or rejected until the balance between the old and new was achieved. And so the unique gameplay style from Professional Contracts was born.

S.C.T.F Professional Contracts Header
PC Gameplay
PC Gameplay

By it's creator, Professional Contracts 1 still has the most "charming" style to date. It was, of course, his first full-developed mod and a mod with a unique idea in mind:

At it's time, CS 1.6 mods were getting deeper and deeper with plugins, models and addons. But most of them lacked stability and were full of game-breaking bugs or confusing ideas which wouldn't let newcomers enjoy - a personal experience that he had as well.

Professional Contracts was designed with a purpose of utilizing the CSO models (low-poly) on modern CSS Rigs and animations to give a better feeling. Also the gameplay was slightly redesigned with few features for enhacing the CS 1.6 experience without breaking it's original core.
The main focus was shifted - like the models - for a complete and unique audio-visual experience.

  • Deathmatch Gameplay:

Every sound was designed to follow the weapon's "visual impact". Carefully chosen and mixed to make it sound and feel perfect. The choice of making a MOD sticking with the CS 1.6 roots was to make a test to see how the first mod would come. Thus making newcomers feel more comfortable with the old scheme.

  • Bomb Demolition Gameplay:

  • The reveal trailer:

  • The final trailer release (with all the gameplay features):

Professional Contracts 2 - Breaking the Norms

In mid 2015, the idea of a new mod came after revisiting 215, that COD-esque style could be well used on the CS 1.6 environment. Then Professional Contracts 2 planning and development begun. The idea from PC1 was completely broken here, all the design focus was shifted for the idea of crafting a game with a completely different gameplay-pace by introducing all the plugins needed and, of course, design the game in this new form.

S.C.T.F Professional Contracts Header
PC2 Gameplay
PC2 Gameplay

The gameplay was completely different from CS 1.6 this time. Also different from what we had in CSW. PC2 was gaining a unique design that completely separated him from other mods. Gameplay features such as Killstreaks, Aiming, Quick-stab and grenade, sprinting were all added and adjusted to fit the new "universe" of the mod. And the philosophy of the low-poly models from CSO persisted because of their colorful impact and performance reasons - these models were better performed on low-spec machines, even though the game became more heavier due to the new features.

PC2 Gameplay
PC2 Gameplay

Professional Contracts 2 had a series of game modes, both Deathmatch and Original (the objetives mode - without the Killstreaks) with exclusive Third-Person Gameplay modes, which were chosen on a Launcher before the game starts.

S.C.T.F Professional Contracts Header

  • Short Peek Gameplay:

  • Gameplay 1:

  • Gameplay 2:

  • The release video:

BL!TZ - Where Insanity is the rule.

After playing a free-to-play FPS shooters, that insane pacing was the idea for a new mod. BL!TZ was planned to be completely simple pick-and-play game. All the plugins, all the sound design, all the models, were designed to recapture the breathless experience F2P FPS without the Pay-to-win OP items.

S.C.T.F BL!TZ Header
BL!TZ Gameplay
BL!TZ Gameplay
BL!TZ Gameplay

The key element behind BL!TZ pace it is the RPG Mod. This gives players points to their actions in-game, allowing them to upgrade their character with a variety of skills, such as:

  • Ammo Ressuply
  • Health Regeneration
  • Medical Healing (Team)
  • High-Speed Jumps for Bunnyhopping

Other feature that changed the dynamic of the game is the Team-Dynamic Respawn System, which consists of spawning throughout the map close to teammates, with the starting spawn being on the team original spawn base. This makes the matches completely unpredictable and extremely dynamic.

  • Pre-Alpha Short Gameplay:

  • Release Trailer:

What future lies ahead for S.C.T.F. ?

Currently, S.C.T.F has 3 official releases (215 as a prequel), with a plan of more 4 mods to be released. These future mods are being developed in between the time and they are more ambicious - so, more technical and demanding for details - mods. These are:

  • S.C.T.F - ELITE Contracts

    A realistic hardcore shooter, based on Insurgency, with a realistic feeling. It's very pre-alpha was already shown in public right after Professional Contracts 1 release. But it was, just like 215, a stage for testing until the end of 2016 where full development for the mod began.

  • S.C.T.F - Professional Contracts League

    With the rise in popularity on E-Sports and competitive matches. RockettSally (Gamebit257) started, right after the release of BL!TZ, the development of P.C. League (Originally entitled P.C. ESL) with a complete focus on builting a competitive environment for S.C.T.F.

  • S.C.T.F Professional Contracts League Header
  • S.C.T.F - Z3R0

    S.C.T.F. Z3R0 is the second mod designed under the CSO-NST plugin, which entirely changes game aspects on weapons, allowing players to add almost a unlimited number of weapons. It's main idea is to be a spiritual successor for PC2 with more depth and refinement, with more freedom to add weapons, making them all co-exist without unbalancing the game, yielding a unique economy system that creates a new way of playing the Deathmatch mode.

  • S.C.T.F Professional Contracts League Header
  • S.C.T.F - Professional Contracts 3 (Temporaly Halted)

    Professional Contracts 3 started it's development last year, 2016. However the learning curve to understand CSO-NST architecture led to a slow development process, unbalanced and not so enjoyable gameplay. However, this is set to be one of the "final" works for RockettSally, as it will carry out everything that the previous mods had enhanced and apply into a new game with experimental weaponary and guns from other games. Gameplay videos are shown below:

  • RockettSally thanks you for accessing this website and suporting this mod! Many thanks for all fps modding communities, including GameBanana, AlliedModders Forum and Dynamuse Corp.